Qadhafi. Threats. Loss.

Qadhafi. Threats. Loss. His capture never cripples the world's fear of retaliation. Neither does his loss from the game spell the craft of peace and harmony to Libyans and to the other Arab countries.

This image comes from the Qadhafi during the 1986 heightened tension between Libya and the United States. (Peter Turnley / Corbis)

His capture never cripples the world’s fear of retaliation. Neither does his loss from the game spell the craft of peace and harmony to Libyans and to the other Arab countries. Nor will his death liberate Libyans from hunger, abuse, human rights violation, and the worst—war.

Mu’ammar Qadhafi is no different from all human species who wanted after freedom and advancement from the status quo. He also aims to live, at least, in peace and contentment. Like every child in the universe, he dreams of becoming someone of discipline and substance. He never quits; not even his loss warrants him to quit, after all.

In our distrustful world where everyone else is a player, Qadhafi plays no conventional; to the point of becoming himself an unbecoming to the eyes of leaders, soothsayers, war mongrels, and to the US empire.

In his attempt to change Libya outright, he persuaded all of us to his “Green Book” that retaliated the struggles of the masses and the beauty of equality among us: the world, the rich, the poor.

Although he spared the rod through massive violence to quash every possible opposition to his rule, he could become like our great, great grandfathers that institutionalized discipline at its hardest core.

Oppositions have undeniable interests—good or bad, potent or impotent, democratic or discriminatory. Nobody could totally prove the legitimacy of objectives of those perpetrators that killed Qadhafi, mercilessly!

History may never repeat itself. It may just change and develop. Human beings may learn not any lesson very well. Leaders maybe greed still. Qadhafi and his perpetrators maybe, categorically, are just one—united by a blind loyalty, divided by self-interest.

Why not give the demands of those who wanted independence or autonomy? Why not give them the best for themselves according to what they thought best for themselves? Why not let them be as they wanted themselves the best they could be? It is the true foundation of democracy, the flesh and bones of liberation, the meaning of freedom we always clamor, and the paragon of justice we long, isn’t it?

Qadhafi’s demands are by category not only for himself, the world knew it. He always tries to do things, awkward for the cynics, to save his people from the false prophets of democracy, from that horny and egoistic peace, and fake brotherhood. Yet, there could be one deep reason for his loss Libyans know it clear and deafening that onlookers never knew it all.

Qadhafi’s fate can happen to all leaders in the world. It can happen to you. We always ask about the cause, yet we always fail at pointing it out.

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Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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