On Secretary Robredo and Others Rescue: “Hope for a significant development, ” Says Roxas

On Robredo and others rescue: Hope for a significant development, says Roxas

It has been more than 36 hours of rescue and counting since the plane crash happened with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse M. Robredo and the four others on board, including the survivor, Police Sr. Inspector Jun Abrazado, Robredo’s aide-de-camp. The rescue operation is still ongoing.

DOTC Secretary Mar Roxas, besides being hopeful for a significant development in the ongoing rescue operation, he is also being too broad in advising the public out of hopeless circumstances.

What did he mean for significant development? Was he comforting us out of a hopeless situation? Or, are we still hoping for a sign of life 250 feet under water after more than 36 hours passed?

Filipinos optimism even under hopeless situation is a no-brainer to argue for. In fact, it helps a lot for us to win some and lose some.

The rescue operation today is intensified. Rescuers will be using the remotely operated vehicles (ROV) to advance their search.

It would be unrealistic for us if we would still hope for a sign of life 250 feet under water for more than 36 hours. On the contrary, we would be as hopeful as we could that at the end of the day only the fuselage would be found. For only in this sense, we could see the significance even if this hope was too narrow to count on.▲

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