A State Funeral for Secretary Robredo: Is He That Extraordinary?


State funeral for Secretary Robredo: Is he that extraordinary?

The state funeral of the late Secretary Jesse Robredo. (Photo courtesy by pinoyweekly.com file)

State funeral. What an extraordinary!

I may be unfair to all those who knew Secretary Jesse Robredo’s down-to-earth public service. But who would have the nerve to think about that anybody could borrow and speak all positive values the world could offer to the dying and to those who passed away?

Nobody would self-invent a loser that in the process arguing the legitimacy of giving a state funeral for the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo when almost all Filipinos in the world are mourning.

To pay respect alone would be enough. It also could be the highest expression of sympathy to those in pain, an acknowledgment of services one has contributed, and a simple reminiscence of one’s considered exemplary behavior.

But who would have the balls to question President Aquino’s wish if he wishes to grant anybody who died that touches deeply his emotion?

I am not undermining Secretary Jesse Robredo’s contribution in public service. Neither am I disrespecting Aquino’s wish or his authority as the commander-in-chief nor am I literally mocking at his decision.

Who would have thought that if only Secretary Jesse Robredo would have survived, he would have now been confirmed by the Commission on Appointments. On the other hand, public office confirmation has never become a public award so it would be conferred to him posthumously.

Now, who would expect that he would receive the highest honor the Filipino nation could have out of his unprecedented death?

Secretary Jesse Robredo was just like among others who has given the privilege to serve the public. He has also the same privilege to exercise his prerogative to either serve it good or serve it bad.

The point is, awarding a state funeral has guidelines and standards a state shall preserve. Sad to say that it is through his unprecedented death only then we knew his “considered spectacular” contributions in public service besides being a Magsaysay awardee. But considering my understanding about state funeral on how and when it should be regarded and be served, it might be too harsh and strict to interpret that I was afraid that even President Aquino didn’t understand such. He might also never give a damn to understand my highest respect to such a rite I considered the highest honor.

We may understand that the state funeral given to the late Secretary Robredo was only a special case. That it wasn’t awarded based on the context of the primary standard as prescribed. However, it’s the “President’s in kind” to pay respect to the late secretary’s contributions to the country.

Furthermore, Palace asserted that the elements to award such honor to the case of Secretary Robredo are consistent with the elements prescribed by law. Which I vehemently disagreed, my apology.

President Aquino must exercise self-restraint and care in giving awards such as this one. We may have different views, but I am certain that we are united to upholding the highest standard in awarding or giving a state funeral as we are holding on our highest respect to those who have awarded in the past.

I am afraid that we selectively lower the bar in giving the highest state’s award. Someday, we would be expecting more state funerals for selected cabinets. Forbid.▲

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