KZ Tandingan “Rehab” at The X Factor Philippines: Simply Flawless!

KZ Tandingan “Rehab” at The X Factor Philippines: Simply flawless

KZ Tandingan outshines the rest in her Amy Winehouse “Rehab” rendition during the Top 9 Performance Night at The X Factor Philippines aired Saturday, August 25, 2012. (Image Credit:

She is KZ Tandingan.

She isn’t Amy Winehouse in all aspects of her personality, except for one distinct feature—it was KZ’s character as Amy in her flawless rendition of “Rehab“.

Judges in The X Factor Philippines during their commentary couldn’t find, at least, a subtle mistake at KZ’s unparalleled performance in the Top 9 Performance Night. That night was truly her night and unarguably was!

The song, “Rehab” is produced by Mark Ronson and was written by the late Amy Winehouse — a singer and songwriter who won five Grammys for her album Back in Black in 2006.

Unfortunately, Amy’s glitz and glamour in the spotlight was ‘overshadowed’ by her drugs and alcohol dependence. Eventually, she died at an early age of 27 on July 23, 2011 (

What truly astounds the crowd during the Top 9 Performance night at The X Factor Philippines, lately, in KZ’s rendition of “Rehab” was her way to project and grind every piece of notes and every word like a natural Amy Winehouse.

No one would certainly ask how a certain KZ Tandingan did it. She was simply like that way she performed that night before our very eyes.

She is simply KZ; simply flawless! ▲

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