President Duterte on His First SONA, What Is New?

President Duterte

Rodrigo Roa Duterte, president of the Republic of the Philippines (Image credit: public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

It made me cry,” said Communication Secretary Martin Andanar when asked about President Duterte ‘s speech on his coming first SONA.

Today, July 25, 2016, marks the first State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Rodrigo Duterte. The first time in my observance since 2003, I was a first year college in PUP, that those National Democratic Front groups declare no longer a protest but a show of support to the president of the Republic of the Philippines’ SONA. His first occasion to face the over 100 million Filipinos broadcast live almost all over the globe to witness the “one-of-a-kind leader”, they say, who will bring about CHANGE.

What changes he will bring into this country either defines what’s new in this old SONA or what’s old in this already passé occasion. His signing on the Freedom of Information bill as an executive order on July 23, 2016, two days before he delivers his SONA is considered “one courageous step” in fulfilling his duty to advance transparency. Surely, he will not miss to mention it. However, the executive order is dead lame for the legislative and the judiciary. The same way that it only catches fry and fingerlings.

How far he will go after crimes on prohibited drug trafficking is not only a waste of effort, resources, and lives of either sacrificial lambs or collateral damage but also, a wrong turn away from the real and present problem of the country, the poverty. I guess Duterte government is too hypnotized by the crimes on prohibited drugs, which cannot be considered the problem at all in a society of dynamism in progress, competence, and reach.

Duterte government, I think, is running after the poetic utopian society to at least be near to it: less crime, less crime, and less crime. Only history can tell whether his administration worth us clapping or worth ourselves blaming on our uneducated voting.

What is new on his SONA, that surely will he miss doing it.

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