Dear Leila de Lima: What Fight Are You Talking About?

Senator Leila de Lima during her privilege speech in the Senate. (Image: wikimedia commons)

Senator Leila De Lima during her privilege speech in the Senate. (Image credit: wikimedia commons)

-An Open Letter to Senator #FreeLeila De Lima

Honorable Leila De Lima:

Convince us why we should fight the “greatest fight” you are talking about. What is that “greatest fight the nation has faced since the People Power Revolution” are you insinuating, in the first place?

I couldn’t buy something out of all your talks that could, at the very least, quench my thirst for justice for drug-related accusations you are pinned down with “overwhelming” testimonial evidence from the witnesses who testified under oath. Nor could I see a single reason why Filipinos should fight alongside you. You still do feel normal at this time, don’t you?

When you were the DOJ secretary, I felt that you were no less than a figurehead who had that title but had no balls to defy a master’s wish. Remember, without dillydallying, you granted what it seemed to be your master’s wish to prevent the former president, now lawmaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from leaving the country for a medical attention. Remember that your hold departure order (HDO) to the Arroyos defied the Supreme Court’s TRO prompted you to respond to a show-cause order why the High Magistrates of the country shouldn’t charge you with contempt!

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You didn’t even show a little sign of respect, not even the faintest forbearance a justice secretary at that could give to a former president, a woman, who had trusted you and believed in your sageness of the law, most especially on human rights law. Rather, with all your might and with all your loyalty not to the justness of law where you are so able, but to your master whom you served best, you preferred to look at the sickly woman as dangerous as a ‘threat to the national security’!

As I heard of the witnesses’ testimonies involving you of crime, that crime I supposed wasn’t only as dangerous as a threat to the national security but as unrespectable and dishonorable as a despicable evil ever lived! The running of testimonies seemingly put you as the Alpha and the Omega of the deteriorating drug-related crime in the country!

Who would expect that a woman like you could run that ‘business of gods’ so effective that even the Biblical story about Eve’s temptation to Adam is a no match for your cunning schemes? Who would expect that a woman like you could transform Bilibid into a city of Las Vegas, where drugs, women-for-pay, outright sluts, spirits, and arms are free-flowing commodities at your command? Who would expect that a woman like you could withstand the vilest ‘test of time’ with a gall to assert women’s right when the crime you are allegedly involved is about drugs? Who do you think would believe you either in part or in whole when testimonial evidence appears stronger than your mere words and defenses?

In your not quite authentic concern of human rights violations in the country, you appeared as opportunist as a cheap lady in pseudo justice robe using your chairmanship in Senate Justice Committee to lead the investigation on extrajudicial killings (EJK) that allegedly happened during the time President Duterte was a city head in Davao. Honorable Leila de Lima, the Senate isn’t your cup of tea, I could sense it. It doesn’t fit your lingo of pretense. Nor does it need your ‘game of thrones’. Your expulsion from your chairmanship of the Justice Committee warns you of a distress call that you, yourself, the author.

Stop playing with us! Your speeches and words in public don’t work anymore. Your guest appearances are but a farcical parody, past one’s prime. Please, save your face and just answer those allegations once and for all. ▲

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Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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