5 Qualities Your Manager Sucks

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Nothing can be more desperate than to fall prey to a company with a manager that really sucks and a pain in everyone’s ass. You may come at a moment in your early adult life that you have to make choices, especially when getting a job or choosing a company that defines you and your future.

No one is immune from a wrong move or from such bad decision that you’ll eventually regret. As there is no ideal solution or a well-formulated approach in defining success and getting it hit bull’s-eye. You have to see the telltale signs; so that, you can plan ahead and make actions accordingly.

Employees never left their jobs solely because of the company. According to a survey, employees leave their jobs primarily because of their managers. Are you happy with that?

Managers are persons entrusted the business of a company. They may do either good or bad impact to employees. A manager can make or break everyone’s ambition. But, it isn’t the end of the world for someone affected and power tripped, by a capricious, incompetent, and feebleminded managers in a workplace.

Before making a bet on your future with the company you have right now in a couple of months, try figuring out these following signs, symptoms, or qualities that your manager in your company really sucks!

 An early bird that it rather catches no worms

You would learn somehow during breaks with your peers that at the very early in the morning or just right after the cock crowed as the sun began to rise, your manager was such that desperate early bird.

Out of curiosity, you tried to observe your manager all day long of your 8-hour job day after day. Guess, what have you likely noticed? A hallelujah facebooking, twitting, instagramming, and even online stalking from dawn ’till twilight!

  A social media fanatic, showbiz-oriented, and a conversationalist

Everyday, from morning to early evening of your entire shift, you’d noticed your manager was not only busy conversing with his or her immediate underling about trends and fashions, but also too hectic to disturb her from being too glorified while talking about his or her showbiz icons.

 Frustratingly independent, desperately trusting to no one

For months, you won’t experienced meetings or updates, caucus or brainstorming, and even a moment of “hi, hello, how’s your work? What would you like to improve? any suggestion? medley. Never. Don’t expect it.

 “vote of no confidence” advocate

While you are nearing to one year, still you don’t experience any meeting nor do you experience learning opportunity both inside and outside of your office boring room.

 Epitome of laxity

There will come a time in your boring room you are convinced that your manager doesn’t deserve the title. But don’t be silly. They are there whatever your reasons are. It really doesn’t bother. You’ll find out that for months, your company sale statistics deserves 101 mentoring. Yet, you will be surprised that despite incompetence, immaturity, and incapability you will see your manager seems so proud, feeling well, and elated or just appears no-worries feeling. That really sucks! Then, you will try advancing your curiosity why your manager seems like that—a happy-go-lucky. You will find out that your manager has just been waiting for a year or two for his or her retirement since five years. Pathetic, isn’t it?

 Mr/Miss Maladministration protégé

While for months of your observance and discreet monitoring you find out that your company is inadequately labor law compliant, building security loose “advocate”, and evasive tax scheme “follower”, you feel guilty as if you’re part of that ugly concerted effort to circumvent the law and to put the employees right and welfare at risk.

These above qualities of a manager that sucks are, sometimes, asymptomatic early on. Be proactive and keep your win-win approach working. Always remember to look forward to embracing opportunities of learning wherever you are. Search for that opportunity where your growth may fit in. Success has no ideal formula as hard work, patience, and meekness have no boundaries and prices to fix. Make economy of passion a habit that is groomed in your mind. Sometimes, or almost all the time, opportunity doesn’t knock your door or does make you a way. You either have to knock it from your unique perspective or make a way for it to come to you. Either way, almost all the time, you have to make it. ▲

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Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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