Part 1: What Justifies Duterte’s Largesse on Killing in the Philippines?

President Duterte on his reasons about his largesse on killing in the Philippines - Mainbar Online, Quezon City, Philippines.

Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (Image: public domain)

The history of change in the journey of every society describes an entity, perhaps, not everyone bothers to become familiar with. Along the tortuous and eventful road of every history, everyone agrees that killing has always been the deciding factor of change—in its most urgent and critical choice.

The Biblical story of Cain who killed his only one brother Abel subtly illumines one’s understanding that one’s God has no way to prevent Cain from killing his brother. One of us may retort that it is, of course, one’s God’s plan. By understanding this premise, it only subscribes to a philosophical view that one’s God allows everyone to do things out of satisfaction. Speaking of satisfaction, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs on self-actualization of a satisfaction of man is nowhere; it doesn’t exist, full stop.

Then, what now justifies President Rodrigo Duterte’s largesse or his generosity on killing in the Philippines?

▲ Brief Background

President Rodrigo Duterte, way back in his mayoralty position in his ‘kingdom’ of Davao, had been the subject of the Philippines Commission on Human Rights’ probe on vigilante killings and los desaparecidos or the disappearances in Davao. MindaNews¹ reported that Leila de Lima, chairman of the Commission on Human Rights that time, told that Mayor Duterte was No. 1 on their list.

Mayor Duterte (now President), himself, repeatedly said that Davao couldn’t be a safe place for criminals². In his words, he even supported the Commission on Human Rights’ probe on extrajudicial killings.

Before Duterte assumed his presidency, he was the talk-of-the-town regarding his plan to declare war on drugs and his commitment to run after the drug lords, the coddlers of drug-related crimes, and personalities behind narco-politics.

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¹ Froilan Gallardo, MindaNews. "CHR to probe vigilante killings in Davao City; Duterte vows support to CHR probe". February 14, 2009. (

² Keith Bacongco (Philippine Human Rights Reporting Project), ABS-CBN News. "Public hearings won't stop summary killings in Davao". March 8, 2009 (updated). (


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