Who Really Are the Illuminati? Debunking 2 Myths

Illuminati official at Mainbar Online

Illuminati official (Image credit: illuminatiofficial.org)

The information highway, the Internet, is devilishly stuffed of Illuminati whereabouts. Tons of information out there implicate the Illuminati to the works of the devils, the demons, the Satanists, and the antichrists. These bulks of information have long been destroying and continuously brainwashing peoples of all different walks. Conspiracy theory! We call it. 

Unfortunately, it has become a notorious medium to spawn desperate lies and propaganda globally, attempting to destroy the Illuminati’s principles, beliefs and tenets, and the very existence.

Rumors—stories not yet been proven  —and propaganda cause damage to the Illuminati, including the followers loyal to the Light. These propagandas are outright myths. People behind these lies are of vested interest and have known to us not but to discredit the Illuminati’s sole purpose and values beneficial to the humanity.

▲ Who are the Illuminati?

Illuminati are influential members or people around the globe, whether they are world leaders, business authorities, innovators, or artists united to an elite coalition (illuminatiofficial.org) you and I called it, the Illuminati. This elite organization is free of political and religious affiliation and geographical limits. These people exist to “further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.” (illuminatiofficial.org)

Furthermore, these people remained unknown to us. They have never been known to the public for a magnification or a ceremony for their exemplary contributions to the society.

The Illuminati “has done a lot in shaping every change and ‘movement’ of every society all over the globe since the first government was established. The members are united in securing the continuing survival of the humanity.” (Illuminatiam, 2014)

▲ The Illuminati’s Core Beliefs and Tenets

“The Illuminati has no belief but the sovereignty of the human species.”

It has no religion at all; no political affiliation. The Illuminati has one thing: this organization only looks after the “preservation of the human species.” Thus, death for them shall be prevented at all costs.

On God and Satan, the Illuminati respects any form of beliefs. The organization neither discourages nor encourages any belief, be it a belief in God or a belief in Satan. Rather, this elite organization stands in all beliefs where faith and doubt remain as subjective considerations binding with a particular belief.

On money and abundance, the Illuminati encourages us to pursue a “life of abundance.” Money, after all, is “just a number—no feelings or soul—just a calibration of individuals’ earthly possession. That, the pursuit of it is a root of all evils.” (Tenet of Money and Abundance)

It has become the core values of the Illuminati to exert effort to things with value; to give value and work on things you desire.  Things that are given free are valueless and meant nothing. So that in pursuing a life of abundance, you take effort and give value for it. Thus, your every action has the impact on the changes your life may have. (Scroll down to continue reading Page 2.)



Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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3 Responses to Who Really Are the Illuminati? Debunking 2 Myths

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