How Qualified Is Mocha Uson to Set the Bar High of the MTRCB?

How qualified Mocha Uson for the MTRCB post is no longer an objection but an acceptance.

As the MTRCB is mandated by law “to screen, review, and examine all motion pictures…including publicity materials….” (P.D. 1986 downloaded from the MTRCB website), the addition of Mocha Uson (Margaux Justiniano Uson) to the Board could be an inspiring torch to raise the bar high of the MTRCB.

The Creation of the MTRCB and Its Function

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board or MTRCB was created through the Presidential Decree No. 1986 or P.D. 1986 under the Office of the President of the Philippines. It is manned by 30 members and the chairman and the vice-chairman all appointed by the president of the Philippines for a term of one (1) year and is renewable. As appointees, their term in office is dependent on the decision of the president for any cause.

The function of the MTRCB is as comprehensive as one of the sources in uplifting the national economy (Please refer to the P.D. 1986 for the complete duties and functions of the MTRCB.).

On January 5, 2017, Malacañan Palace announced the appointment of Mocha Uson as one of the members of the MTRCB. A day after, print and online media frenzied the appointment of Mocha as if it was unbecoming, unlikely, or uncalled-for. flaunted its headline, ‘Sex guru’ appointed to MTRCB.

A screenshot headline from (Screenshot: Mainbar Online)

A screenshot headline from

I don’t think people may think such sobriquet insignificant. And I just don’t think to be labeled as ‘sex guru’ a pleasant word to hear unless the person being labeled as such has the credentials of that Margie Holmes; otherwise, a denotation.

Qualifications of the Board

Section 2 of P.D. 1986 explains that:

No person shall be appointed to the BOARD, unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, not less than twenty-one (21) years of age, and of good moral character and standing in the community; Provided, That in the selection of the members of the BOARD due consideration shall be given to such qualifications as would produce a multi-sectoral combination of expertise in the various areas of motion picture and television; Provided, further, That at least five (5) members of the BOARD shall be members of the Philippine Bar. Provided, finally That at least fifteen (15) members of the BOARD may come from the movie and television industry to be nominated by legitimate associations representing the various sectors of said industry.

It is, then, clear that the question on qualifications of Mocha Uson to join the MTRCB, indeed, a matter of acceptance you like it or not!

What Would Be the Possible Issues Now Mocha Uson Has the Say?

Amid allegations, Mocha Uson cannot be prevented from climbing up the ladder of public service from being an artist icon to a staunch Duterte defender and finally to a more serious role of her career, positioning (preparing) herself to ‘hello politics’.

With her over 4 million followers and supporters and still counting, Mocha Uson could be the next president of the Philippines you and I never know, seriously. If her “O people” as what Mocha Uson called her followers according to ABS-CBN news in its article, Mocha Uson up close and personal, will keep on supporting her ideas and beliefs, then she wouldn’t be far from being a persuasive leader more effective than legit professionals and experts in the field Mocha Uson hasn’t been yet.

This 34-year old Mocha Uson was a 2010 Ambassadress for Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. She went naked for a cause; a sexy dancer and a solo performer. She earned a bachelor’s degree in medical technology from the University of Santo Tomas. Then, she studied medicine at the same university; however, she dropped out in her second year “to pursue her musical career full-time” (Wikipedia).

Now that Mocha has a ‘say’, a more legitimate voice the public could count on, she would be the right addition to inspiring people in the Board to continue ‘raising the bar’ for the entire MTRCB. Her exposure to the genre where she has been lauded and praised could be her effective tool in drawing out conclusions that would make part of the Board’s decision.

Unfortunately, Mocha Uson could also be the negating addition creating a penumbra of distrust in the credibility of the Board’s decision. President Rodrigo Duterte should have thought about it. He should rather be realistic in making his move if he still after the credibility of his administration. Having an almost excellent approval rate isn’t synonymous to a high credibility rate. It doesn’t sound realistic sans his die hard supporters and trolls or fake social media accounts. For they aren’t only citizens President Duterte should care for. Surveys are damn good as it is at its face value. It works along where the money goes and comes from.


The public may ask: what expertise could Mocha Uson offer in areas the MTRCB is regulating? Does her profound exposure in the art where she has been into well performing equate a credible basis to a debate over the specifications and legal complexities intertwined with both the realistic and the theoretical foundation of issues concerned, where the MTRCB decision should be based upon?

The MTRCB isn’t about how good you are at the field you were into. Rather, it is about how vast your comprehension earned through the years of studies and experience, and how well you are into looking at the issues in legal and moral perspectives. It isn’t about solo performing, nor is it about dirty dancing and drawing out a conclusion for good.

However, if President Rodrigo Duterte believes Mocha Uson has more things in store to offer then he must be right. The voice of the president is the voice we couldn’t shut up.▲

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Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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