On Alleged Extortion Involving BI Execs, Who Really gets Stung?

On the Alleged Extortion, Are BI Execs get Stung?

The BI building facade (Image: By KC Sacramento Uploaded from Wikipedia Takes Manila, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12845804)

The full-blown Senate inquiry for the alleged extortion involvement of the Bureau of Immigration (BI)Deputy Commissioners Al Argosino and Michael Robles not only triggers the revisitation of policing operation but also the reevaluation of the commonest sense to respond to a situation that smells untoward activities that further add a decay to the system we know has long been in a decay.

The ongoing Senate inquiry in aid of legislation promises us to provide a clearer, deeper look into the ₱50 million extortion money allegedly for paving the way out of over 1,200 Chinese suspected of working illegally in an online gambling operation at Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino in Clark, Pampanga. But what has been the significant development during the course of the Senate inquiry may pose a stark realization on the policing department of the Philippine government in regard to foreign employment. That what has been creeping slowly over the course of inquiry shows a flip-flopping or a circumventing of the Philippine laws in the name of political influence and power play. This wouldn’t be happened of course if power play for the advancement of the few didn’t exist.

Atty. Al Argosino cannot help to become emotional to clear himself from the accusation. A manifestation of desperation when the surrounding details of the charge can apparently speak of the case with articulation. Or it can be a manifestation of a desperate plea to put himself in the light innocent of the accusation he never ever thought of being caught in the present quandary. Like the rest of the involve in the alleged extortion, Al Argosino could either be a sacrificial lamb or just mere innocent until proven guilty of the accusation.

What might really happen before the extortion exposé could be as interesting as what could be the legitimate intention of Jack Lam over his operation be it explicit or implicit? Interestingly, Jack Lam could be a government of power with loyalty to none. He could utter a word today, carry out an order tomorrow, and could finally make your day today. Intelligence world isn’t only covert but also mysterious and worst despicable, nasty to the fullest possible extent. But that is how our world is living.

Policing measure that is conducted SOP involves sting operation by undercover agents. It is a strategy of counterintelligence to unmask what is impossible in the naked eye. But what sounds interesting to the alleged extortion involved by BI executives is far from the standard of a sting operation yet analogous to the expected result. One cannot blindly say that BI execs get stung in the most creative approach beyond the standard of a sting operation. Nor can we interpret their involvement allegation as being caught off guard the moment they sat on the meeting and was offered ₱50 million and seemed like innocent of the nature of the transaction that is transpired. But, why it takes this long to expose? And why DOJ Secretary Aguirre seemingly dillydallied on his way to arrest Jack Lam on the spot when in his capacity as justice secretary is no-brainer knew he was attempted to be bribed?

Still, we cannot further say a definite argument or conclude and leave this alleged extortion case at that as an aftermath of the revolutionized sting operation. As of this time, the Senate inquiry is still ongoing. ▲

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Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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