Who Says Apple’s iPhone Is Declining?

Who Says Apple's iPhone Is Declining?

Who Says Apple’s iPhone Is Declining? (Image: by MNXANL – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=51665805)

It has now been 10 years since Apple released iPhone to the market. From 1.39 million of units sold in 2007, iPhone has been steadily going stronger in units sold yearly until 2015 that it soared the highest to 231.22 million of units sold in that fiscal year alone. Yet, its decline had predicted. Apple had foreseen it according to reports.

Below you can see iPhone sales worldwide in each fiscal year by Statista.
Infographic: The iPhone Still is Apple’s Cash Cow Despite Declining Sales | StatistaComes the end of the fiscal year of 2016 (Apple’s fiscal year ends in September) only 211.88 million of units sold. That whacks Apple the hardest with a difference of 19.34 million of units from the last fiscal year’s statistics.

A report of James Titcomb1 published on The Telegraph said that Apple predicted a decline of sales since 2007 the first time. It was when the final three months of 2015 has shown the slowest in a decade. The report continued that:

Apple forecast that sales in the current quarter are likely to fall year-on-year, with iPhone sales declining for the first time. Investors have feared that consumers have not taken to the latest iPhone models as they have to previous devices, leading to shares falling by a fifth in the last six months.

But this Apple’s prediction as reported has now become an “exaggeration” when iPhone 7 reached a “record-breaking” quarterly sale between October and December of 2016, according to a report of Felix Richter2 on Statista.

You can see below the chart of iPhone sales in million units by fiscal quarter aggregated by Statista
Infographic: iPhone 7 Propels Apple to Record-Breaking Quarter | Statista

While analysts predicted iPhone sales to slow down in 2016 that is according to Wang’s article on Bloomberg3, which realistically was happened, Apple’s revenue has declined in 13 years4. (Wang)

However, Gartner, a tech research giant, though predicted iPhone sales to decline throughout 2016, expects growth by 20175. ▲

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