An Open Letter to #OneForLeila, LP Senators: Stop Making Us Your Reservists!

An Open Letter to #OneForDelima and LP senators

To Senator Leila De Lima (#OneForLeila) and LP Senators,

The minds of Filipinos nowadays aren’t shaped and molded just yesterday when access to sufficient, quality information was dead or hampered by a static frequency wave. Rather, Filipinos today, young and old, are quite abreast of social issues, especially on issues carcinogenic to the social health.

Observing your responses and hearing or reading your statements unifying for Sen. Leila De Lima are, indeed, big Cs to the minds of the young and are outright ABHOOOORRENT to the good intention of politics in the country!

Sen. Leila De Lima deserves equal footing as any other accused of criminal charges. I just felt your stand and your perspectives truly a murder of your very own personalities. Even the dumbest cretins, bastards, or bleeders and the most eloquent, the smartest blabber in sidewalks or inside the cubicles of an ivory tower in the metropolitans, and even the Einsteins couldn’t buy your words that minced the innocence of Sen. Leila De Lima. I couldn’t afford to buy it, either. Nor could I tell the world that De Lima was just making a “theatrical play” in her role as an avid critic to President Duterte working it out as a scapegoat for her guilt of the alleged crimes pressed on her. I simply could not tell.

Sen. De Lima is just good at her craft. She is arrested; it isn’t because of her being a staunch critic of Duterte, especially on the latter’s alleged involvement in DDS and EJK in the country. It is because of a verified complaint found to have a probable cause. Is it just that so HAAAARD to understand? I’m sure it is. That’s why your statements rather appeared to me as outright propaganda!

During Noynoy Aquino administration, where had your mouths been? When Leila De Lima stretched her authority as DOJ secretary and arrested former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo without a warrant of arrest, where did your mouths go? Of course, where the political interest is, there goes the mouth.

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Politics should supposedly be a healing process and a corrective force rather than being a divisive force. If you cannot trust the justice system of the country, then what took you so long to act on it? If we feel De Lima is in danger following her arrest making your mouth so energetic expressing bigots and denouncing a legitimate rule of the court as a political circus, then why don’t you yell at the top of your lungs for the rest of Filipinos accused of criminal charges that you feel are in danger, too? Does it because your interest speaks only the interest of your brand of politics for your politics?

I felt ignoramus, suffocated, and bored to the core of the brand of politics LP has been claiming for years. I felt being negotiated, requested, and spoon-fed of decaying rants from #OneForLeila . I could tell to stop making us your reservists! I believe that Filipinos today have minds clever enough to easily spot a gravel from the grains of sands!▲
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Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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