How to Answer Tough Job Interview Questions Just Right?

How to Answer Tough #JobInterview Questions Just Right?

There is no ideal, excellent or well-formulated, and well-structured answer to some of the hardest questions a recruitment manager would likely ask during a #JobInterview. Always remember that your answer to every question would likely become a miss or a hit after all. Whether a question is as hard as the toughest job you could imagine or as easy as your routine, always plan first your approaches to answer every question.

Although presumably, there are other sources recommending some effective tips to answer job interview questions such as outlining or drafting your answers to all possible questions and practicing them prior to your job interview, that would be too conformist, too mechanical that may likely appear yourself insincere and worst, dumb. Some interviewers are just skilled at noticing that verbal paralysis.

Never memorize answers from your draft.

While drafting or outlining is part of your prep before your scheduled job interview, memorizing from your draft would either prompt you to sound like an expert and overconfident or let yourself open to being caught off-guard when faced with an unfamiliar question. Rather, read and understand the job description of the position you applied for, read the company information and know its competitors, and assess your worth or do the self-SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats).

By knowing full well of yourself, without being too boastful or too humble, your description of yourself and the way you deliver it transude a natural and honest expression of who you are and what defines you and your outlook.

Think and understand the gist of the question.

It is too common to anticipate that most job interview questions begin with a statement question: tell me about yourself—a simple yet hard to begin with. We all know that by telling about ourselves is simply stating orally what are written in our résumés. Others may suggest that your response to this should anything cannot be found on your résumé. That suggestion is bizarre and simply too odd. Different people have different expectations. The same way that different managers have different ways of understanding their prospect subordinates. How you understand this statement question isn’t that too big deal. What matters most is your response, making yourself so able to walk through the process and making the recruitment manager become interested in your ways and your you should he or she consider your addition to his or her organization.

Pause and lean forward when emphasizing your points.

When faced with an unfamiliar question, never rush to answer it. Forget the “Are you smarter than a fifth grader” game. It never helps even if you are that really smart.

Take a second or two before you deliver your answer to that question. Your answer may be wrong, but how you deliver it, emphasizing your points with confidence and maturity drives your way to appear more responsible and credible to the interviewer.

Most hiring managers prefer maturity, responsibility, and accountability aspects of the prospect employees. Unfortunately, some may side to a subjective preference in selecting prospect employees or what is called subjective hiring.

Be yourself.

No matter how hard the job interview question is you must always be yourself. It doesn’t mean to be truthful to your sexual preferences, to refrain from personality momentary alteration, or to cast yourself outright from behavioral pretension. Rather, be honest whether you understood the question well or not just say it. Whether you act or behave dull, childish or talk with maturity, don’t try hard to pretend the other way; it just transudes in the process you’ll surely never know.

Carry yourself stress-free and less troublesome from an overnight prep. Just bring your right confidence and honesty during your job interview. Answering the hardest job interview question is everyone’s expectation. All job interview questions are tough since they don’t need a standard answer or response. Enjoy the talk and behave naturally. Wish you all have a productive job hunting ahead!▲

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Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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