President Duterte on Topping 2017 TIME 100 On-going Voting: Notoriety Is the New Influence?

President Duterte on Topping 2017 TIME 100 On-going Voting: Notoriety Is the New Influence?

(From extreme left to right) China’s Xi Jinping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, PH Pres. Duterte, and the U.S. Pres. Trump. President Duterte, so far, leads them all on the 2017 TIME 100 polls.

He was that dead serious when he retorted by asking, “How’s your wife’s vagina?” to a media reporter asking him about his health.

He was that dead tactless when he called Pope Francis and the former US President Barack Obama “son of a whore”.

He was that too lax in his choice of words when he spoke before anyone else, anytime, anywhere.

He chose to behave the way he wanted. He chose to challenge the standards or norms of good public conduct and preferred to act within his comfort zone. He hated criminals and drug addicts very much to the extent that he preferred to see them horizontally cold and completely numb!

He walked his talk and talked his walk without traces of dirt. He is famous for something bad! He has this mouth laced with foul words and this tongue with taste buds of provocative and below the belt retorts.

He could “shut you up”; tell the UN to “mind your own business”. Or “if you are a son of a bitch journalist” you are most likely be assassinated!

He is President Rodrigo Roa Duterte—who tops the 2017 TIME 100 ongoing voting—a one-of-a-kind prestige for Filipinos and to all his fans worldwide!

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The American magazine Time’s TIME 100 is a yearly issue of 100 most influential people in the world. It started in 1999 and made this annual release in 2004 (Wikipedia).

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President Duterte on Topping 2017 TIME 100 On-going Voting: Notoriety Is the New Influence?

A screenshot of early poll result for 2017 TIME 100 as of March 28, 2017.

For over decades of the TIME 100 annual release of people of influence, only this time that the Philippines’ top leader has gained and incessantly been gaining supports and approval despite notoriety. Who would have thought that the statements of the Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo destroying the image of President Duterte before the international community worked against her? Who would have thought that this provocative president had inspired a number of people in the world by his dirty-talking style leadership and valiant, stinking words of diplomacy?

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When Vice President Robredo spoke of 7,000 victims of EJK and caught heavy flak for her statement, the vice president could have been right with that statistics. Or she could have understated the total number of EJK victims. It could be over and over 7,000 EJK victims considering that it is extrajudicial killing then it could have been unreported, undocumented, and others went missing unnoticed and unreported for high risk of security reason.

Either the world is politically blind or just perspectively myopic President Duterte rocks!

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To cast your vote for 2017 TIME 100 click this link: 2017 TIME 100. The voting will close on April 16, 2017.▲

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