My Two Cents’ Worth on Mocha Uson Appointment

My Two Cents' Worth on Mocha Uson Appointment -- President Duterte congratulates Mocha Uson during her appointment to the MTRCB.

“She’s bright and articulate…it’s time to believe in them [her]….” said President Duterte.

When a president steps in, what you know about competence and experience steps out. The president has its name and brand of looking at it regardless what the society may see it.

Democracy works this way you tried insisting it. But democracy still works the way the President looked at it. Despite reaping flak, the President still continue bringing about change yet the change you never expected it to work against your will. Rather, it is the will of over 16 million Filipinos that installed Duterte to the presidency we knew today less than we thought about it yesterday.

This January when President Duterte appointed Mocha Uson to the MTRCB as one of the board members, critics rushed to go online to express rage and disappointment. Others went on trash talk and engaged in ad hominem argument.

When #MochaUson had her regular column on a certain Philippine daily, the same critics went overboard lambasting Mocha up to their gratification to discredit her. As if Mocha Uson had nothing but her prowess in dancing and dirty talking. As if she had only one “good” thing, that is, being good at inventing and exaggerating news in favor to his god, President Duterte. As if Mocha Uson deserved nothing but hate from her hairline down to her toenails.

This May, President Duterte, again, appointed Mocha Uson as assistant secretary to the Presidential Communications Operations Office or PCOO, the same critics, again, burst out indignation or resentment to Mocha’s appointment. Why kept on becoming bitter when the only good thing we thought worst for her should be your way you always pray to come upon her? Not this time, a Mocha Uson army may simply retort.

President Duterte trusts Mocha Uson the way Mocha trusted him. That are words from the President, himself. Utang na loob (a debt of gratitude) still prevails. Why not? So Filipino, isn’t it?

Despite what we think unfavorable about Mocha Uson, she could still soar high, the highest she could want it. Her appointment is a privilege of being such #MochaUson, anyway.  A privilege only President Duterte can buy, without hesitation, exclusively for her.▲

Image: By Robinson Niñal – Philippine Presidential Communications Operations Office, Public Domain,



Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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