US Help in Marawi May Likely Be a Decoy!

When US forces step in Marawi siege to help out Philippine forces in their fight against Maute group, doubts and stark terror eclipse the Filipinos’ hope to escape America’s claw. Stupider than being backstabbed by those people President Duterte entrusted, the US technical aid amid the fight isn’t that just simply “standing protocol” in the purview of the US-PH Mutual Defense Treaty.

More than being screwed in broad daylight, the US assistance as being predicated on the ongoing ISIS-led war in Marawi isn’t just a simple “fight against terrorism”; that the US move to send help is as urgent as keeping President Duterte blind of this effort which is directly at his disposal; that by no-choice situation, it is rather fitting to just act diplomatically and call such effort “open” for external forces who want to help fight against Maute group even sans the President’s knowledge in advance?

By making President Duterte appeared as a castaway and worse than a puppet president when he, himself, confirmed us about his innocence of the US technical assistance in Marawi, it isn’t that just a simple role-playing that President Duterte was left out naive in the scene! That in such case, there would be no any violation of the chain of command?

Was there really no violation after all despite making the States’ commander-in-chief blind of the US effort to help the States’ troops? Wasn’t President Duterte double-crossed, was he? Or was he not just informed? Really?

After this US move to send help to the Philippine troops in Marawi, does the situation on the ground become more favorable to the government forces? That’s not the scenario being expected after all.

Whether the terrorist group has been advancing its security level on the ground making them harder to be trapped by the government troops, America cannot be held responsible! Whether the US effort becomes successful in defeating the Maute group on the ground, Filipinos, at last, can face the world yet red-faced!

But knowing America, her capability to pretend and utilize her clandestine forces effectively operating across the globe especially in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, and now back in the Philippines, the effort to help the Philippine troops may likely be a stark decoy. This US move without the knowledge of President Duterte may either be a covert support to the Maute group or a form of an extraction as a ploy to avert the Philippines’ schemes and plans about disengagement from America in toto. The Philippines now is in checkmate with this jaw-dropping US effort in Marawi leaving President Duterte in a stalemate, perhaps, momentarily!

This US move to help Philippine troops is like hitting two birds with just a single bullet: reaffirming its integral presence in the Philippines and value in times of security crisis while getting through a course or a plan that may strengthen its geopolitical advancement in Asia. ▲

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Former stringer for Allvoices and contributor for Yahoo. Had worked as an editor in publishing companies for years and so far has earned some units in MBA.
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    Great article, very well written


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