Launching a company website has become integral in doing business. With great website must come with great contents relevant to the business the company is doing. Aside from getting a simple, elegant, business design and clean look, and a well-organized elements running on the website, contents must be language checked.

MainbarOnline Home Page_Image | Doing business on content solutions with MainbarOnlineRules of grammar are indispensable in nature, so to speak. Correct word usage and proper sentence construction spell out the difference.

How about the pitch-perfect voice used? It is considered the winning soul that communicates the best approach across the various types of audience. Its significance to style and the rest of mechanics of the correct use of the written English language define the competence, the capability, the proficiency, and the feasibility of the purpose of the contents.

Research papers, thesis, company brochures, project reports, business presentation, advertisements, etc. need not only grammatically healthy but also professionally upright in all respects where they are mostly be expected.

Seasoned by years of studies and experience working with different textbook publishing companies, the author/editor of this business and content solution + citizen journalism niche is humbly making this start-up.

This avenue offers not limited to these following business and content solutions for your content development and editing needs that can help you meet your desired perspective of content solutions you best want it:


»Website Management

  • content generation and management
  • content editing and development

»Ghostwriting/Speech Writing

»Textbook Manuscript

  • content evaluation based on K to 12 competencies (preschool; grades 1-6 English, Science, Math, History, Filipino; Senior High School subjects
  • substantial copy editing (includes research and fact checking)
  • proofreading
  • referencing/bibliography (Chicago Manual of Style)
  • indexing

»Thesis/Dissertation/Reaction Papers/Essays

  • substantial copy editing (includes research and fact checking)
  • proofreading
  • referencing/bibliography (either APA or MLA style)

»Other Media (corporate brochure, letter, newsletter, press release, supplementary educational material, or annual report)

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