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MainbarOnline may contain contents provocative to readers’ or visitors’ way of thinking, views, or perspectives on a particular issue. Together with the author/editor, this website denies any responsibility for being provoked by any contents published herein. Rather, this website holds responsible for attending only to constructive criticisms on views of any topic that it publishes as a way of promoting healthy, unrestrained exchange of ideas and opinion.

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Comments are subject to moderation. The author/editor has the sole right to drop, delete, or ignore outright any comment inimical to the author/editor, to the website, and to readers in general.


It has always been the goal of MainbarOnline to publish information with accuracy, validity, relevance, and significance. It further promotes responsible publishing, yet unrestrained—unrestrained views and opinion on issues being published.

Moreover, it holds its author and editor harmless and free from the guilt of inaccuracy, invalidity, and irrelevance of any information published that are cited from a source. Information changes through times. Thus, should there be any circumstance that upon verification and fact checking, the cited information published on this website was found different from the source itself, any correction to be raised is appreciated (Please utilize the Contact page for any concern.).


MainbarOnline highly values to the highest term the sense of ownership and respect of intellectual and property rights. It always considers and practices proper attribution. However, if there would be any image or graphics that this website erroneously attributed or failed to provide proper attribution, please use the Contact page for the concern and provide details and basis of your ownership rights. MainbarOnline would gladly change or delete the image or graphic being contested.


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Plagiarism is a crime. MainbarOnline allows the use or republication of the content of this website either in part or in whole, PROVIDED there must be a written request for the usage and must provide appropriate attribution.

MainbarOnline reserves the right to revise or modify the contents of this Terms & Conditions of Use anytime.▲

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