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US Help in Marawi May Likely Be a Decoy!

Appearing President Duterte as a castaway when he, himself, confirmed us about his innocence of the US technical assistance in Marawi, it wasn’t a simple role-playing that he was just left out naive in the scene without any violation of the chain of command on the part of the military. Was there really no violation after all despite making the Commander-in-Chief blind of the US effort? Wasn’t President Duterte double-crossed, was he? Or was he not just informed? Really? Continue reading

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What’s Really Behind ISIS-led Marawi Siege?

Nobody could find comfort under martial law. Nor could one find shelter under siege. But what really made President Duterte decide to put the city of Marawi and the rest of Mindanao under 60 days of martial law? Continue reading

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Martial Law: Despite Limit, What Makes Duterte Supreme?

The 1972 martial law was claimed as the last resort to fight against the rising public disorder evidently caused by a deteriorating student activism, the increasing number of demonstrations in major thoroughfares and provinces in the country believed to be worsened by the Communist Party of the Philippines, and the rise of Muslim separatists. What about this Duterte martial law in Mindanao following the Marawi siege? Continue reading

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Why Vote Donald Trump for President?

He always talks as straight as a bold straight line and dashes his public tirade a kilometric agony and contempt for those who don’t simply like him. He makes sure that his message is well resonated across the busy streets of the super commercialized New York, down the soporific scenes at Broadway, eclipsing the vision of the obnoxious, pious trapos (traditional politicians) of the United States of America! Continue reading

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Analysis: Philippines Weak Claims Over Scarborough Shoal

Indisputably, Scarborough Shoal belongs to China by its historical claim. But what is more controversial than that? There are other more controversial issues or more demanding ‘naked facts’ than stirring the storm of controversies. These are national security and the economic or political relations with the neighboring sovereign states in the southeast Asian region that should rather be strengthened. Continue reading

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