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On Scarborough Shoal and Benham Rise Issues: A Reevaluation of Status Quo the Philippines Should Take Into

Why America is too cocky with their military might and intelligence pivot? Why Russia has become too powerful to flex their might on the face of the planet? Why China has been too optimistic and too tough to exercise its willingness to cooperate while too conceited to display its military vastitude? Continue reading

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Analysis: Philippines Weak Claims Over Scarborough Shoal

Indisputably, Scarborough Shoal belongs to China by its historical claim. But what is more controversial than that? There are other more controversial issues or more demanding ‘naked facts’ than stirring the storm of controversies. These are national security and the economic or political relations with the neighboring sovereign states in the southeast Asian region that should rather be strengthened. Continue reading

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China-Philippines Scarborough Shoal Dispute: Will There Be Another Falklands War in Asia?

The territorial dispute has been an old trick of imperialism since the time of greed unknown to man. History of the worlds never told a lie. War of aggression always has a price, and the price of waging war is expensive, too expensive for the Philippines to buy it. Continue reading

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